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New York Defensive Driving

The Online New York Defensive Driving Course provides you with the flexibility to take the class wherever and whenever you want. Without the hassle of attending a classroom, you will have the liberty to:

Login and out of the course as you please

Take the course from your home

Take the 6 Hour Course at your convenience

The NY Online Defensive Driving Course is divided into multiple sections. The sections are filled with entertaining and educational animations and videos. This means that you will enjoy yourself while earning a 4 point reduction on your license and your 10% insurance discount.

I Drive Safely will automatically notify the New York DMV once you have completed the course.

Inexpensive only $29.95

Interesting online lessons with animations and sound

The easiest way to take a class

Study from home on your schedule

You can start today

100% Online course available 24/7

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DMV Approved

You can now take the Defensive Driving course online as an alternative to attending a traditional driving school in a classroom setting. This online 6 hour course will offer all of the benefits of a classroom including a 10% discount on your liability and collision coverages.

Our Online 6 Hour Defensive Driving Course is provided by I Drive Safely. This course is approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and meets all of the state requirements for Point and Insurance Reduction.

NY Defensive Driving Course Online

Can cost up to $75

Mind numbing classroom lectures & dull workbooks

Inconvenient class locations

You have to find a way to get there

Inconvenient classroom hours

Only on weeknights & weekends

Additional Information

After you have completed the NY Defensive Driving Course, you will be eligible for a 10% Car Insurance Discount on you liability and collision coverages. In addition to the insurance discount, you will also receive a 4 point reduction on your drivers license.

Once you have completed the Online Defensive Driving Course, you will be mailed a completion certificate proving that you have completed the DMV approved Point & Insurance Reduction Program. Take the completion certificate to your insurance carrier so that you may receive your car insurance discount.

With the Online NY Defensive Driving Course course, you can feel confident that you are getting the best course available. The course is easy, informative, fun and inexpensive. What are you waiting for? Get your Insurance Discount today!